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If you found this page, that means you typed ‘Premier New York SEO’ in the box of search engines such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo. We can rank your website on the first page of search results as we did for our website. This is how Search Engine Optimization works. People search what they want with their smartphone, then they usually take what search engine shows on page 1. If your business’s website is not on the first page, you are losing out over your competitors above you.


Results speak themselves. We took number 1 spot for ‘Premier New York SEO’ on Google.


Why choose Searching Fever Digital Marketing?

The principal of SEO is very simple. Optimizing the keyword in a favorable way that search engine likes. Search engines like Google have an algorithm that scans thousands of websites on the internet and shows only the best results on page 1. The principal of SEO is very simple, but that does not mean anyone can do that. We know what we are doing. Also, Search Engines continuously update those algorithms. Searching Fever diligently stays ahead of those updates to deliver the best results to our customers.


Do you want a shortcut to see the quick result?

We are NOT going to say the answer to the above question is Searching Fever. We don’t guarantee an easy and quick result. However, the results we make together will last longer. Searching Fever only uses proven strategies that stick longer. Don’t trust SEO companies that promise easy and quick results. Usually, those companies use tricks that drive quick results, but those results are fallen apart even faster.


Need tailored game plan? Check out our FREE Website Analysis first. 

No two businesses are alike, so there cannot be a ‘one size fit all’ strategy. In the best New York SEO agency, Searching Fever, we make a game plan tailored to each client.

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What you can expect from Searching Fever. 


Your website will be ranked on the first page of Google with the keywords you desire.

Monthly Reports

You get monthly reports that show all the data about your business’s online presence.

More Customers

You will absolutely get more customers.

More Revenue

You will absolutely get more revenue from more customers.

Month to Month Contract

You pay for results, not for contracts. We are confident to deliver the results.


We care about your success. Your success is our success.


So, how much is SEO service?

In Search Engine Optimization, there are lots of factors that affect the time and cost of the project. First of all, it depends on the current situation of your business. Apparently, if you don’t have any online presence or it is hurt by wrong SEO service before, it will take more time and cost. To check your business’s SEO score, feel free to use our complimentary website analysis tool. Also, it can be vary based on the keywords and the industry your business is in. Some keywords are more competitive and difficult to rank than others, those keywords usually take longer to rank on page 1. Also, some industry is more competitive than other industry. As you can imagine, it takes more time and cost. After a thorough analysis of your current situation, your industry, your choice of keywords, we can say the cost and time it takes. To analyze your current situation, feel free to use our free site audit service.


Ready to take your business to the next level with our Top SEO Experts?

If you are ready to take your business to the next level, please fill out the discovery form. It is like filling out the form in the doctor’s office before you meet the doctor. We understand that it can be quite cumbersome. But in that way, we can help you in the most effective way. After you submit the discovery form, we will examine how we can help to boost your business above your competition. Fill out discovery form here or contact us today!


Do you want to start small?

If you are not sure or on the fence for some reason, we can start small to build trust together. Feel free to analyze your website with our complimentary website analysis. It is a $200 value service, but absolutely free for you.

Or we can start your SEO journey from building your business’s social profile such as Facebook, Twitter, Yelp or Linkedin or Maps profile such as Google My Business page, Bing Map or Apple Map page. We can help you to build Search Engine Optimized Business Pages in major social media and Maps. Well-optimized business social media page and Maps pages are the foundation of Search Engine Optimization. Visit our special offer page today.

We Help You To Stand Out From The Crowd


We can help you with Searching Fever’s proven strategy.

Increase Online Exposure

With our proprietary SEO strategy, Searching Fever Digital Marketing helps your business to be exposed more in major search engines than your competitors.

Draw More Customers

People are naturally drawn to your website because your website ranks in a higher position than your competitors.

Increase Revenue

When high-quality service of your business is combined with a strong web presence, it will take your business to the next level.


Search Engine Optimization

Our SEO experts in Searching Fever offer high-quality SEO service help your business to be ranked in major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is foundational elements for your business to be optimized. It is important to have a platform to reach your audience and gain new customers.

Pay Per Click

Our pay per click service offers Paid Ads Service from Google Adwords and Facebook Ads. You pay for your Ads only when people click or see your ads from Google or Facebook.


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