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1. How can I choose the right SEO agency for my business? There are just too many digital marketing companies.

That is a very valid question. We agree that there are too many digital marketing agencies in the market place today. It can be overwhelming and time consuming for you to sort out a good one from bad ones. Searching Fever is a result-oriented SEO agency and we always deliver results to our clients. We are currently ranked on page 1 on Google with competitive keywords such as ‘Brooklyn SEO’, ‘Long Island SEO’, ‘Queens SEO’.

The results speak by themselves.

If we can rank our website on page 1, don’t you think we can do the same for your business?

2. Is SEO really working? It sounds like a scam or something…

If you think SEO sounds like a scam, we can say it is not a scam. You may feel like that because it sounds too good to be true or you were burnt by a bad SEO agency before. But there are always 10 companies on the first page of Google when you type ‘your city + your niche’ (i.e. Brooklyn plumber). And it is not an accident that they appear on page 1 on Google instead of your company. SEO is working. What is matter is whether you work with the right SEO agency or not? As you are reading through this much, you are halfway on the right track. Searching Fever can improve your business’s online visibility.  

3. I was burnt by a bad SEO company before. How can I believe you are different from them? I don’t want to waste my money anymore.

Your concern is 100% valid. We care about your business’s success as you do. You pay us a good amount of money for SEO service and we deliver the results to you. That is it. We deliver the results. Your website will rank on the first page of Google with the keywords you want.

4. So, how much do you charge for your SEO service?

Yes, that is the most important question. The answer is ‘that depends’. That depends on so many factors. That is why it is always a good idea to fill out the form to tell us more about your business. If you think this opportunity serious enough, please take a few minutes to fill out the form below. By doing so, you can save a tremendous amount of time and we can diagnose where your business is now. We will get back to you with an optimized plan to help your business.

5. Is there any contract?

No. We don’t have any contract. If you decide to stop our service for any reason you can do so. You pay for the results, not for the contract. So, the risk is on us. But again, we are confident to deliver the results.

6. What can I expect from Searching Fever?

1. Ranking

    Your website will be ranked on the first page of Google with the keywords you desire.

2. Monthly report

    You will get a monthly report that shows all the data about your business’s online presence.

3. More Customers

    You will get more customers.

4. More Revenue

    You will get more revenue from more customers.


That is it. All we care about is your success.

7. You said your agency deliver the results. Then, do you guarantee the results? Do you have any money-back guarantee?

You can think of our service as a subscription service. You can cancel our service anytime you want, but we don’t offer any money-back guarantee. By doing so, we can direct our energy to deliver the results for the clients who are serious about their success.

8. We care about your success. We deliver the results.

We will rank your website on the first page of Google. Period.

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