Attorney SEO Campaign Case Study

Case Study 1: Boutique Law Firm Client

500% Increase of Organic Traffic to Website in 2 months

Results Oriented Proven Strategy

Searching Fever delivers the results. Unfortunately, lots of small business owners fall in the loophole of blindly working with mega agencies.
In many cases, big agencies fail to deliver desired results. Because it is almost impossible for big agencies to catch up with the fast-changing trend of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
Our agency is small and nimble, so we are always on top of the new trend. It is perfectly optimized for delivering the best results for our lawyer clients.


Don’t take our word for it. The chart below is the law firm SEO campaign that started in February 2020, and the amount of traffic to the website skyrocketed in the past two months.
The number of searchers hit more than 1,200/month from nowhere to be found on the internet.


Let us show you how we can deliver the same result for you.

Case Study 2: Digital Marketing Agency

Ranked #1 for a Competitive Keyword in 8 months

Google Maps Ranking

Google search result is made of two parts. Maps result and organic search results.
Maps result shows only 3 results on the first page and it is not difficult to imagine those three companies get the most clicks.

Below is the Google Maps results from the SEO campaign for our agency ‘Searching Fever’ itself. Searching Fever is listed #2 for competitive keywords ‘Brooklyn SEO’ and ‘Brooklyn SEO Company’ as of September 2020.


Google Organic Ranking

When you are searching for a service or a company in your area, there is a good chance you do not go beyond page one.


It is the same for all your customers. If you do not show up on page one when people search for your service, it is hard to get customers even though you have the best service in your area.


Below are the results of the same SEO campaign for our agency. Searching Fever was listed #1 for a competitive keyword ‘Brooklyn SEO’ as of October 2019.


Let us show you how we can deliver the same result for you.

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